The Electronic Solo Project

The Electronic Solo Project incorporates synthesizers, beat boxes, loopers, e.t.c It's music making on the spot, fully improvised music creation. It's been quite of an exciting journey so far exploring new music, artists, gear and new ways to express myself through the art of this kind of music making. It challenges me and makes me grow, and opens up ways to infinite creative possibilities. I am excited and happy to share with you my fourth personal album "Home" that came out of this project. More to follow...thank you for your support!

I'm happy to share with you my new album "Home". It was all recorded live this past month at my home studio with no overdubs. It was a beautiful challenge making it and letting the creative spirits of the moment unfold. This project came to life due to our recent uneasy times our world is going through. I hope this music bring you comfort and healing. Thank you for your support!